Sid and Sod #602


From a Roman Wall #51

romanscribe“Salutem Secundus, greetings.” Nellus addressed the late arrival at her Forum Cafeterium. “You’ve been away for a few day.”

“Yes,” said that worthy. “I”ve been out of the City for a while. My brother Octavius was injured on his farm and I had to help out.”

“But he herds goats. Was it a fall down one of those steep hills on his farm?” Man about town, Libertinus sounded a little sceptical.

“No, he is as surefooted as his herd. He was attacked by a nanny goat while he was milking her.” explained Secundus.

“Hahahaha!” Everyone at the table burst out laughing.

“”Cold hands!” joked Zoophilus.

“No, of course not. He was halfway through milking the herd.” said Secundus. “It was just a single goat who seemed very skittish. She was unusually nervous.”

“It serves him right for milking her bare handed.” Verbo Ipsum broke in.  “When milking a nervous goat, you should always use kid gloves.”



roman graffiti

It Tickled Granny’s Fancy

old joke 01a


old joke 01b

The Australian Women’s Weekly, Saturday 2 September 1944

Street Wisdom

street wisdom 31

Sid and Sod #601


Lots of Fun


In the 1930′s & 1940′s when these were published in The Western Mail,

PCishness was not a consideration.

old joke 29a


old joke 29b


old joke 29c


old joke 29d


old joke 29e


old joke 29f


old joke 29g











From a Roman Wall #50

graphics-romans-528700“I need that caffeinus this morning, Nellus.” Secundus entered the Forum Cafeterium despondently. “Salve”. He added belatedly. “Good morning all.”

“Ave, Good Morning back atcha, Secundus” replied Literatus. “You sound down in the dumps this morning.”

“Yes, I went to the Coliseum yesterday.” said Secundus.

“That would have been good fun. I hear they have some new big cats there to fight the Gladiators.” Literatus commented.

“Yes they do.” grumbled Secundus. “I heard on good authority that the smaller cat had no chance against the retiarius it was due to fight. That net and trident was obviously going to be more than a match for it. I wagered a whole denarius on that gladiator.”

“And you lost?” asked Literatus in surprise.

“Yes. That little cat was so fast it avoided the net and got in underneath the trident. It won!” complained Secundus.

“Well what did you expect?” asked Verbo Ipsum. “You thought you were making a fair bet but have you ever heard of an honest cheetah?


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