From a Roman Wall #58

romanscribeZoophilus slumped into his seat in the Forum Cafeterium.

“Sometimes I wonder why we do it.” he grumbled.

“Do what?” asked Secundus while Nellus the Barristerus looked on with interest as she filled Zoophilus’ beaker with caffeinus.

“Try to live with women!” he replied, avoiding Nellus’ eye.

She asked, “What has your slave girl Marti done to upset you, Zoophilus?”

“She got all upset and angry while she was dressing this morning.”

“I normally buy them new dresses if they do that.” opined Literatus.

Nellus glared at him.

“Oh Marti doesn’t lack for dresses or the chance to buy them.” Zoophilus answered. “This was all about a vial of perfume I had brought back from the Indus lands. Her favourite. But it was empty! Not a sniff of it left!”

Verbo Ipsum entered the conversation, “You should have labelled it ‘Out of Odour'”.



roman graffiti

It Tickled Granny’s Fancy

old joke 29l

old joke 29m

old joke 29k

The Australian Women’s Weekly, Saturday 30 September 1944

Sid and Sod #613


Lots of Fun



In the 1930′s & 1940′s when these were published in The Western Mail,

PCishness was not a consideration

old joke 26a

old joke 26b

old joke 26c

old joke 26d

old joke 26e

old joke 26f

old joke 26g

old joke 26h

old joke 26i

old joke 26j


From a Roman Wall #57

romanscribe“Salve, Good Morning.” Literatus the Librarian greeted his friends. “Thank you.” He said to Nellus the Barristerus as he took his beaker of steaming caffeinus.

“You look satisfied with yourself.” Zoophilus observed.

“Ahh yes, my friend. I have been to the Temple of Mercury this morning and made a sacrifice.”

“You have become a thief?” asked the irreverent Libertinus.

“Mercury is also the God of travellers and I needed to ask his protection for one of my emissaries. He has been to the Grecian colonies to collect some scrolls about Mount Olympus and its Gods.” explained Literatus.

“The priests of Mercury had no problems helping to import foreign Gods to compete with our good, honest Roman Gods?” Libertinus queried.

“Oh, I made a good sacrifice and paid well for the privilege.” said Literatus.

“Of course,” interrupted Verbo Ipsum. “Priests can be very amen-able.”




roman graffiti


Sid and Sod #611


It Tickled Granny’s Fancy

old joke 22a


old joke 22b


old joke 22c


old joke 15a

The Australian Women’s Weekly, Saturday 23 September 1944

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