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No! I do not have a name for this dish as yet. I just invented it.

So often I have ordered, from  a restaurant menu, food “On a bed of mash”. Tonight I decided to extend the idea.

Beginning with bed-ends of quartered potato and a bed of pumpkin mash.

I added a sheet of mashed potato and put some steamed asparagus to bed.

Then I placed a doona of Salmon Steak decorated with some lemon/lime aiola over the sleepy asparagus.

Finally, because every good bed deserves a little something on the side, I added a small tossed salad – umm –  on the side.

Now to think of a name!



Thanks, Eva

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Tomato Sauce Impromptu

My balcony tomato bush has been over-producing so I decided to use some of the ripe and over-ripe fruit to make a sauce.

I wanted it quick, easy and tasty so I decided to invent my own recipe.

I put about 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan. warmed but not sizzling. And then added -

5 cloves of garlic – fine chopped and mashed with a teaspoon of salt using the flat of a chef’s knife

5 pimentoes crushed and fine chopped

Half a green chili, seeded (cos this is a sauce to enhance, not to overpower) and fine chopped.

12 fresh Basil leaves, fine chopped

Mixed Herbs, Just a pinch

500gm Tomatoes – cored and rough cut, leave the skins if you like, I did cos I’m lazy.

Brought to the boil then simmered for 30 minutes.

Used my hand whizzer thing to remove all lumps and to chop (most) of the tomato skins.

The result was more pink than red so the fastidious could add a few drops of cochineal.

The flavour suits me perfectly. Leaving a bit of a bitey afterglow on the tongue this is a sauce I will do again.



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