Both Parties Hate Cyber Space

What happened to our internet freedoms?  Back in December 2007, less than a month after gaining Government, and just a week after being appointed Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Steven Conroy made his intentions plain.

The ABC online News reported, “Conroy announces mandatory internet filters to protect children

Telecommunications Minister Stephen Conroy says new measures are being put in place to provide greater protection to children from online pornography and violent websites. Senator Conroy says it will be mandatory for all internet service providers to provide clean feeds, or ISP filtering, to houses and schools that are free of pornography and inappropriate material. Online civil libertarians have warned the freedom of the internet is at stake, but Senator Conroy says that is nonsense.”

Five years later, devout Catholic Conroy was still at it. News Ltd trumpeted in 2012, “Senator Conroy not dropping internet filter despite being ‘unlikely to get anywhere

On the Q&A program last night, viewer William Rollo from South Australia asked Senator Conroy whether Labor’s support for the filter was pointless, given that it may not have the numbers to get through Parliament.
“The Coalition aren’t backing it… and the Greens aren’t too keen on it either. Under the new paradigm it’s realistically unlikely to get anywhere. Do you therefore think it’s fair for voters to see your insistence on this policy as a time and money waster?”  However Senator Conroy said a review of the Refused Classification category of content still had to be undertaken before legislation was introduced to Parliament.  “You don’t, simply because you’ve got a lot of criticism, say ‘well I’m going to run away from that policy’,” he said.

Australian Sex Party president Fiona Patton warned filter critics not to take the Coalition’s opposition to the scheme for granted.”(Shadow Treasurer) Joe Hockey may have said he won’t support the filter as it stands, but certainly Tony Abbott out at Rooty Hill, of course, said that he would do whatever he could to stop people looking at filth,” she said.”

Conroy’s desire for a secret internet “Black List”,condis3 ostensibly to block paedophile rings but wide open enough to block any site for any reason was constant.

Is it any wonder that when George Brandis suddenly produced legislation to grab meta-data from everyone and to allow ASIO and its acronymical fellow departments to use “back-door” technology to enter everyone’s computer and take any information or to make any changes desired, that Conroy and his ALP fellow travellers jumped on the band wagon?

There are those amongst our leaders who see Religion and National Security as one and the same.

A hatred of freedom, especially on the Internet is part of the DNA of the ALP Right. Just as it is a part of the Liberal Party, the Party that lies to you every time it speaks its name!

It is time to cry for the Australia which once was free and fair and proud of itself!

bar drips

There should be no surprise that the ALP accepted the Brandis intrusion into the internet usage of every Australian.

They have been trying to do it for years themselves!





Poll Sum; 1st Oct






This past fortnight saw 11,096 people polled

Data as at Tuesday night, 30th September.



Polls Included and Totals Polled.

One Poll, Essential 16/09 was deleted

One Poll, Essential 30/09 was added

Any polls which come out after midnight Sydney/Melbourne time will be included in next week’s charts.



Percentages converted back to Raw Numbers

Simple maths convert the published % to raw numbers using the electors polled.

Liberal and National Party numbers are combined.


Note:- Newspoll lumps PUP voters with “Others”. I split them out at as near to 50-50 as I can with whole numbers. That seems to be how the numbers for other polls fall.

Two Party Preferred


Translating this into electoral numbers,

assuming 15 million electors

we have a National Two Party Preferred of

L-NP 7,140,000 Votes

ALP 7,860,000 Votes

Which leads to – – -



A difference of 720,000 voters.

A swing back to the Right of 33,000 voters..


The two biggest minor parties will have a major impact come election day.

Here is how they are going.






Australia is on the verge of entering an unwinnable war and just 33,000 voters swung in favour of the Government. Less than the number we are about to help kill. But that is OK, they are faceless and they are out of sight. With the Greens vote above 10.5% one way of looking at things is that at least 10% of the electorate has a conscience. Or is that just my cynicism showing through?


War is not my language





Over to you, the discerning reader.

Torture Will Never Happen!

I will say this, while I’m allowed to say it!

Is it still a conspiracy when the Government announces it IS spying on you?

Is it still a conspiracy when the Government announces it IS spying on you?

On September 18, 2014, in the Sydney Morning Herald, Paul Sheehan had a headline, “George Brandis’ new anti-terror law allows ASIO to torture.”

Two days later, on the 20th September, we read in that “ASIO torture ruled out of new national security laws proposed by George Brandis”

Four days after that, on 24th September, further new security laws suddenly appeared and were passed by the Senate, not in weeks or days but in hours. Benn Grubb was headlined by the SMH with “New laws could give ASIO a warrant for the entire internet, jail journalists and whistleblowers.

So now we know that ASIO (or any of the rest of Australia’s acronymical agencies) cannot torture people, innocent or guilty.

But how the hell do we know that?

  • Any reporting by those acronymcial agencies is done to closed Parliamentary Committees.
  • Any whistleblower will be arrested and subjected to the non-torture being whistleblown for up to ten years.
  • Journalists are not allowed to report or to question anyone about these “on-waterboard” matters.expose
  • Bloggers and other cyber-citizens who make up the Fifth Estate will be under complete scrutiny.
  • Those Bloggers and other cyber-citizen and will be under threat of that non-existent torture and those ten years of incarceration.
  • All those park benches will again become “drops” in a return to decybered Cold War spycraft skills.

There will be none of that pesky reporting of breaches of human rights. There will be none of that vindictive whistleblowing.

So how will we know that there is no torture taking place? We will have George Brandis’ word for it.

And if you cannot trust a Minister of the Crown, who can you trust?



Way back in the dark ages, there was an ALP leader who supported a Liberal Prime Minister in a manufactured crisis.

Yes! I can put names to the participants in those events.beazley

Kim Beazley was accepted by the electorate as one of the nicest guys in politics. The person everyone would love to have for a dinner party or a BBQ.

Yet he had been seen as wishy washy in August 2001 when the Tampa affair unfolded.  John Howard covered his arse and Beazley made only small gains in the electorate.

When the Twin Towers disaster occurred in September, Beazley was trapped into having to support John Howard and so lost the election is November 2001. This gifted another six years of government led by the Toad.

Beazley could not realise that he had made a series of leadership errors and hung on, despite being replaced by the Latham Thug. After a comeback, Beazley was finally defeated by Rudd.

Yes, that was a major mistake made by the ALP but only discovered in hindsight.

Now we have Bill Shorten. Leads the ALP.  Nice guy. Everyone keeps saying that. Keeping a low profile and not doing the Latham/abbott attack-dog thing.shorten

Now he is caught in a situation where the MSM has blown the terrorism threat to Australia way, way out of proportion. And he is doing a Beazley.

Approving the abbott-led involvement in the war against ISIS/ISIL.

Approving the abbott-led increase of ASIO powers.

approving the abbott-led cancellation of passports.

Approving the abbott-led destruction of cyber-privacy.

Looking like an abbott clone, leading what is now being called “Coalition-lite”.

Just thirteen years after Kim Beazley, we have a Beazley clone.

Probably condemning Australia to yet another two terms of an abbott-led Government.

Choose Greens


ASIO to “MODIFY” Cyberspace

New powers are being given to ASIO. Apart from needing just a single warrant to access the entire Internet which is scary enough, there is more. Some of which will disrupt, if not nullify other Laws in all Australian jurisdictions.

ASIO will also be able to copy, delete, or modify the data held on any of the computers it has a warrant to monitor. The bill also allows ASIO to disrupt target computers, and use innocent third-party computers not targeted in order to access a target computer.

The key word here is “Modify”. To copy is what we would expect from a security force. To delete is just as expected.


Having access to all my data and being permitted to alter it, ASIO will be able to play games with my Blog, my Facebook Page, my Twitter Account and anything else I write and store online.  (That reminds me, I MUST be more careful in future with my scurrilous limericks on Groups Google.)

If I suddenly find potentially libellous or defamatory posts on my blog, such as a post which suggests that tony abbott is a paedophile or a treasonous post suggesting that tony abbott be executed then I can now legitimately claim that I had nothing to do with those posts. That they were planted to implicate me in some nefarious plot. Or so that I can be hauled into court, bankrupted and banned from cyberspace. Just so that my voice can be silenced should it become an annoyance to those in power.

Nothing we read online can now be trusted. There is no guarantee that what we read was written by the purported author. No libel case will be able to be prosecuted in future because there is no proof that the person charged wrote the libel.

“MODIFY”! Come off it, abbott and Shorten. You both voted for this, you both are culpable in the death of free speech in Australia. By stealth and almost in secret, on the pretext of protecting us from terrorists you have chosen to “MODIFY” Australia, the Fifth Estate and every user of the Internet.

You now have given yourselves the power to silence everyone. You have given yourselves the power to jail any dissenters.

You have turned Australia into a police state.




Australia has been moved

Be very frightened, Australia

Be very frightened, Australia

Moved from extreme concern about the First Hockey Budget to extreme concern about the Islamic Terrorist Threat.*

This coincided with a fall in the polling for the abbott** Government. The result has been a slight return from extreme unpopularity to mild unpopularity in that polling.

News Ltd and consequently all journalists who hope one day to be within that august stable of fearless reporters and commentators have wiped the Budget not only from the front page but also from all the inside pages of our newspapers.

Our televisions and radios have so much news on terrorism, ISIL/ISIL/Non-Islamic Non-State that there is little time left for the other overseas news. The news of the abbott attack on Russia, his poking of the Bear, and just an occasional mention of the massive invasion of refugees we are suffering daily. Of course, suddenly all those refugees have turned magically into Muslims, who will not be targeted except by dog whistles.

No time, no space for that most unpopular budget.

It no longer exists. It is as extinct as the Norwegian Blue of Monty Python fame. Except that the worms escaping from its body are still eating away at what is left of our society.

FreedomYet still the polls are not swinging wildly in abbott’s favour. The latest polling averages out to around 47.5% to the Government. Enough to put a touch of fear into the backrooms of the Party faithful planning the next election. Enough to rule out a much needed early double dissolution.

As a consequence, in further attempts to terrify the populace into supporting abbott and his insanities, we are losing freedoms every day. Now all our cyber activities are available to Senator Brandis at the stroke of a single pen on a single sheet of paper. We no longer have freedom of movement around the world. Our civil rights are being eroded with every sitting of our Parliament.

Our Attorney General, George Brandis explained that there is nothing unusual in all this curtailing of freedom. That the common man has spent most of his existence in servitude. That this Government is simply restoring the natural order of things.

Which is a coded message for, “Support us in the polls or we will take the next step.”

What is that next step?

Well, it seems there is little room left to move.

After practising secrecy with the Department of Torture and disappearances Border Protection It seems that the secrecy surrounding ASIO is to be beefed up with journalists being put on notice that they are not to even look at the ASIO building upon pain of incarceration and banishment from the Murdoch Press.

Which leaves just one fearsome act possible in a danger filled country filling with unreasoned fear. Fear created and danger carefully orchestrated by this Government under the auspices of tony abbott’s landlord. the AFP and their bedfellows, ASIO.

An Australia under Martial Law!

No elections.

No need for any more annoying polls.

No more Parliament for that will be suspended because of the emergency.

No discussion about the rights or wrongs. abbotthelmet

No more civil liberties for they will become treasonous.

Bloggers, tweeters and the Fifth Estate will be arrested.

The three a.m. knock on the door will be coming to a home near you!

Those people under thirty who need welfare will get their work for the dole – IN UNIFORM!

Soldiers with automatic weapons on every street corner.

tony abbott as Prime Minister for life.


Sometime during 2015 it will be;


The Democratic Commonwealth of Australia.


* I’m even typing in three word slogans

** Taught to use caps for proper nouns. I find nothing proper about the current PM.

Refugees at Sea; 25th September

A record of the attempts

panicking and hopeless people make

To reach Australia, the Land of the Fair Go.


25th September


TEN people, who were reportedly on their way to Australia, are being questioned after washing up on an Indonesian beach. timor

AUTHORITIES in Kupang, West Timor, say seven Indians and three Indonesian crew were discovered on Tuesday afternoon after their small boat stranded, buffeted by waves.

Kupang Search and Rescue head Supriyanto told AAP all were safe in police custody. Kupang police assistant commissioner Dominikus Savio Yempormase says the group was attempting a voyage to Australia. “They said they left from Kupang and were heading to Australia,” he told AAP.

Underlining just how the desperation of terrified human beings ignores all obstacles. Even the extremely harsh “welcome” awaiting them in abbott’s Australia is not sufficient deterrence.



A week ago, the Minister for Torture and Terror Immigration released details of how his grand plan for terrifying asylum seekers has failed.

Paul Farrell of The Guardian reported on 18th Sept, 2014 that;

“In a reversal of the government’s secrecy over the issue, the immigration minister told the Daily Telegraph on Thursday that 12 vessels have been turned back after trying to enter Australian waters between 19 December and May this year.

Another 45 were stopped before they even left port for Australia across Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, he said, resulting in the arrests of 214 suspected people smugglers.

Only one had been successful in getting into Australian waters while half of the incidents had involved Australian vessels making incursions into Indonesian waters. Four of the turnbacks involved the use of orange lifeboats to take people back to Indonesia.”

I, and my fellow “Watchers in the Dark” had recorded 14 vessels. There was one vessel mentioned on 27th Mar, which I recorded with doubts, with about 50 people on board but that now seems not to have existed. There was also one vessel intercepted by the Sri Lankan Navy. It is interesting that for all the secrecy, the accuracy in finding the information was impeccable.  Determined people WILL find a way around any secrecy.

That leaves those 45 attempted voyages stopped at the start. Those will never be counted in any list of asylum seekers coming to Australia. Many of those, possibly 5,000 people, will now be facing long term incarceration or worse. Fleeing oppression and death is human nature and -
Morrison has failed to change human nature.
Morrison has failed to stop the boats.
They may not be getting far,
but escapees from oppression are still setting out or planning on setting out.




arrival list



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