The Wall; P!nk Floyd

A Impressionist’s Cyberneurotic Mashup

The Wall with Pink

Rain Drop Ripples




Cyber Graffiti; Sex and Love

Sex is simple, love stings afterwards

Cyber Graffiti; Train Tags

I found the old Australind Train in Western Australia.

It had blank walls so there was only one thing to do!

Here is another of the carriages. Nicely blank so you may play along.

It is quite therapeutic, trust me  :)

Cyber Graffiti; Deceit


Too Much Squee?

My Unicorn Reads My Poetry

Gazing into the Abyss

Naked Power

Something special to begin the weekend.

Just For The Beauty; Vincent van Gogh

There is no need for this. Except beauty and understanding.

Bald Archy; Maude Picks a Leaking Assange

A painting of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has won this year’s Bald Archy spoof art prize.Julian Ass-ange Bald Archie

The caricature by French artist Xavier Ghazi portrays the WikiLeaks founder with his trousers around his ankles, urinating into a top hat with the US flag on it.

If anything is going to piss-off Uncle Sam then this would be it!

The 60-year-old artist says he is overjoyed to win the prize for the fourth time.

Ghazi said he had first thought of calling his painting Pissing Off The Empire.

‘‘Having a leak in Uncle Sam’s hat is pissing off the empire,’’ he told reporters.

‘‘It’s not as much about the US as it is about global power and instruments of domination.’’

Mr Ghazi says he chose Mr Assange because he agrees with the philosophy behind WikiLeaks.

Organisers claim the Bald Archy, which is in its 18th year, is judged by a sulphur-crested cockatoo called Maude.

Reflection from on high

Yesterday morning there was a bit of a puddle on the ground below my unit. As it was a cloudy day, I used a manual exposure of about 3/4 sec with my Pentax K20 and then used Irfanview to play with the contrast,  saturation and gamma exposure. A little cropping and here it is.

I think I have come over all Claude Monetish.

A Bit of Perth

Desert Ships ~ Neil Jones.

Dragonfly ~ Ben Juniper ~ Available for a mere $160,000.

Farewell Kiss ~ Ayad Alqaragholli

A Bit of Perth

More of Sculpture by the Sea


2 Rings ~ Keizo Ushio

Sweet Sixteen ~ Maris Raudzins

Spiralu ~ Gaye Jurisich


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