Street Art

Making the rubbish bins look a little more attractive.
More of the genius of Wolf Lane

street art 19

Street Art

street art 18

I have found the wonderful Wolf Lane off King Street in Perth.

Street Art

On an inconvenient little shin-high wall in a major road in Subiaco.

An innovative way to prevent painful accidents.

And a little smile in a busy city.

street art 15

Street Art

street art 04


No! I don’t know either.

But I do feel threatened!

It was low down on a wall in a carpark off Murray St Perth.

Street Art

An EX-doorway in an alleyway in Subiaco.

street art 27

Street Art

Beside a Tattooist’s shop in Bunbury

street art 20

Street Art

In another car park off Murray St near the Perth CBD

street art 13


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