Street Art

Facing a dishevelled car park off Murray St

are these six story high creatures.



Street Art

Found in a little laneway off Rokeby Rd in Subiaco.

street art 23

Street Art

Something new.

As I wander through my metropolis, I keep spotting some amazing artworks on otherwise boringly blank walls.

I don’t mean the pestiferous tags and scribbles of those looking for a night’s false fame.

I look for the bright, colourful and imaginative.

This will be something of a Saturday game for those Perth-based people I reach on social media.

I’ll be giving a suburb or an area or a street. I’ll leave it up to readers to fid the originals and give me a comment when they find it.

To begin, here is a wall I found in Subiaco.

street art 16

The Wall; P!nk Floyd

A Impressionist’s Cyberneurotic Mashup

The Wall with Pink

Rain Drop Ripples




Cyber Graffiti; Sex and Love

Sex is simple, love stings afterwards


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