What Should You Work With?

I had thought I create snarkiness and angst with my writings.

You Should Work with Art

You are a very visual and creative person. You couldn’t stop making beautiful things, even if you tried.You are constantly inspired and driven to create. It would drive you crazy to follow too many rules at work.

You have to do things your own way. If you’re given room to be yourself, you come up with amazing things.You never stop making art, so you might as well get paid for doing something you love!

One Response

  1. You should work with people: You are naturally interested in others. You are caring and compassionate.
    You don’t feel satisfied unless you are making a difference in someone else’s life.

    You work well on a team, and you are good at both leading and following.
    You inspire and motivate others, and you find that they do the same for you. You find power in numbers.

    Huh. A quiz that pretty much gets it right.

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