Kings Park Spring

Kings Park is ablaze with colour as the bush blooms burgeon.


Yet not all the beauty is in technicolour.

The deeply veined leaves of this Royal Hakea have a special beauty against a brilliant blue sky.

royal hakea

9 Responses

  1. It was a beautiful walk recommended to all who are within reach of this glorious Botanic wonderland.

  2. Gorgeous spring wildflowers, Ærchie. You have many beautiful wildflowers which we do not have over here on the east coast although the national parks which surround our town are full of flowering trees & shrubs, too.

    • We are so lucky with wildflowers here. Kings Park is a great store house but to really appreciate their beauty a trip up along the Great Northern Highway is necessary. Sadly I won’t be doing it this year. However, next September is pencilled in :)

  3. A refreshing change from rotten politics

  4. Just beautiful. I love the variety of flowers that exist on this earth.

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