A Splash of Colour on a Gray Day

Splash of colour

Looking across the Swan River towards the Burswood Complex

6 Responses

  1. What a fantastic shot, Ærchie.. The rainbow is amazing.

    • Like so many of my shots, this was sheer luck. I was standing at my computer and glanced left and it was just there. I love the natural world :)

      • Good stuff & you have to be sharp grabbing the camera, too as beauties like this can vanish so quickly.

        Have seen some awesome rainbows but missed out by either being too slow or, even worse, not having a camera at hand. Your shot is truly outstanding. :)

  2. Make the most of it because by the time the Liberal Government and their supporter James Packer have finished with Burswood you won’t be able to see ANYTHING except massive multi-storey towers and their accompanying parking constructions!! The reason I did not mention the Nationals is because they are irrelevant under the current Government!

  3. Great, worth framing

  4. Wow, that is gorgeous!

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