A Very Dark Night

Written by a daughter of human rights activist Abdulhadi Alkhawaja and published in a series of tweets. Her baby is just one year old.

By @angryarabiya

Oh coward men of the dark
When you break in on a chilling night
Trying to control all warmth and light
When you come to take me away
Remember my baby never opposed
Your masters in any way

Remember my child sleeps peacefully
Thinking the world is filled with harmony
Don’t scare my daughter she’s only one
She still doesn’t know what evil has done
The cycle of fear hasn’t yet begun
She knows only the safety of the womb of her mum
My baby sleeps without a care
Thinking the world must be just and fair
Believing her mother will always be there

Baby, if tomorrow I am not here
Holding you in my arms
Kissing you on your cheeks
Tickling your tiny feet
Know that other than metal bars
Nothing could ever keep me away
Know no matter where I’m taken to
My heart with you will always stay.

@angryarabiya tweeted next;  I’m starting to believe the theory that they dont make arrests after 4am, I will go get some sleep now. Gdnight every1, luv from Bahrain

This is the second poem by @angryarabiya I have blogged. The first was “Two Birds”.

Please, dear reader,  if you get the urge, pass these words onwards. The struggle in Bahrain is not a war, like in Libya. It is a peaceful struggle by people wanting freedom who are willing to face the guns and thugs and torture of the King with empty hands and bare chests. If you are on Twitter, follow the tweets of the brave and eloquent @angryarabiya

2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    A very touching and beautiful poem, and a very brave Lady indeed.
    It is so very hard for us that live in a safe environment to imagine what it must be like for these people, I wish them all the best of luck.

  2. [...] the marches and vigils of the past couple of months. I have posted a couple of her poems here and here. She has reported the beating, arrest and disappearance of friends, acquaintances and [...]

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