Photo Hunt; Shadow

Just a simple palm tree shadow on some lawned ground.

Taken this morning in a panic because I didn’t have any suitable shadows. Only reflections.

15 Responses

  1. Very creative…perfect composition…I love your green grass. My tree shadow is on snow of cause…”smile”.

  2. wow… I love the color! Really refreshing to the eyes

  3. I love this shot, very cool.

  4. Perfect for the theme :-)

  5. I love it especially the green hue of the shadow

  6. I love your spur of the moment photo, great composition! Happy week end!

  7. Maybe you just ran out, but it is a fine shadow and I love the green. . . Not a lot of that showing around here, the snow still needs to melt.

    I played today too.

  8. Both the shadow and non-shadow parts of the lawn are such beautiful shades of green. :)

  9. This is cute one i know it is coconut ehehehe….Happy hunting and mine is up…

  10. pretty neat. so pretty.

  11. Love the shot. Sometimes, the most beautiful shots come when we’re in panic. ;)

    Have a fun weekend.


  12. LOL, well you’re panic was inspired.

  13. simple but effective :-)

  14. A lovely spontaneous shot. Cool green.

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