Top 10 Internet Filter Lies in Australia

Australia will soon be subject to the same kind of internet filter as China, Iran and North Korea.

It is being done under the guise of “Protecting the Kiddies from Internet Porn.” Something parents should be doing, not a Government which has not been accredited as being “Kid Safe”.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be publishing a Government lie, most days, from an article by by Eliza Cussen on “The Punch”, an online discussion forum.

Lie 1;   The filter will help in the fight against child pornography.

I wish this were true. But it isn’t. Even child protection group, Save The Children, has come out exposing Conroy’s plan as unworkable and the wrong way to protect children online. The filter will not (and Stephen Conroy admits this) work for the areas where unwanted material actually lives, namely: peer-to-peer networking, instant messaging, torrents, direct emails and chat rooms.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for this Archie.

    The average Aussie is blissfully unaware of just how sinister this censorship scheme is. The government uses language of “protecting children”, but their plan will do no such thing.

  2. Anyone who waves the ‘protecting our children’ flag expects everyone else just to capitulate out of fear of being branded a person who condones abuse.

    I’m surprised the government is wasting time on such absurb legislation when it could be putting resources into schemes which will trace and indict those responsible for the dissemination of child porn.

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