Vancouver, A Swinging Joint

So, Vancouver, home of some very strange people and other creatures, unveiled its Winter Olympics Torch.

I could smoke toke carry it round all day.

Get High in Vancouver's mountains

Get High in Vancouver's mountains

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13 Responses

  1. :)

  2. Maybe just the lighting, but it looks like you’re biting on a pregnancy test wand or dental tool (extra points if someone has designed a gadget that can be used for both).

  3. burn, baby, burn!

  4. Wow, that’s quite the reefer! Go you!

  5. I’m with sledpress. take that pregnancy test out of your mouth archie

  6. (snicker) Good use of photoshop, dearie. You could have shaded the mouth end a bit more though.

  7. Vancouver is also home to some of the best magic mushrooms around, or it used to be. We’d pick them on W.10th Ave. on the way out to UBC, take ‘em home, boil ‘em up and forget about all the rain for a while.

  8. Looking good, Aerchie.

  9. Looks like an over-heated toothbrush to me. *dah*

  10. Now look what you have done, Archie…
    Organisers cool on ‘Olympic Toke’ joke – ABC News

  11. Aren’t you a long way away for BC Bud? All I have to do is breathe deeply in my neighborhood.

  12. You could have combed your beard first ……. tsk

  13. such handsome we got here!!

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