Odd Shot; Puddles

I have been saying that the Wet is late this year. The desert is dryer than I ever remember it.

In fact on Friday I posted a picture of rain which was avoiding me.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had to travel to the Telfer mine site to pick up some supplies.

Guess where that rain was falling – yep – on the road to Telfer.

What was odd was that I had to drive through the puddles left behind by the clouds I photographed on Thursday evening..


9 Responses

  1. we call those “lakes” in these parts…

  2. They don’t even qualify as puddles around here.

  3. found you from odd shots. You’ve got an interesting blog.

  4. I hate to say this, but for one who gets about 2m of rain each year, driving through a puddle is hardly odd. On the other hand a desert would look odd to me!

  5. less of a puddle, more of a pond.

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