LOL Poll

This is the new poll question for my attentive readers. Both of you.

Which is the funnier image?



A neat way out of having to make a choice between these two LOLCats

6 Responses

  1. I don’t know… I think both of these cats are more amusing… but I might be biased.

  2. LOL!!!!! Thanks Kate (perhaps my readers may like to visit that link and see what I am laughing about :lol: )

  3. I love the LOL Cats, too… I can’t choose either. No fair!

  4. Definitely picture #1! When I saw it earlier today I nearly killed myself laughing!

  5. The second one made me laugh! The first one looks like our evil Darth Mittens. She demands her food be sliced into little pieces and refuses to eat cheese unless it’s broken up into bite sized pieces. CATS!!!

  6. Oh, No. 1 … it is just delicious when a cat is put in it’s place! Usually it’s the cat doing it to the human … nice to see it happens the other way occasionally. The Number 2 picture just makes me snigger … “Serves ‘im right!” was my immediate reaction.

    I’m not a cat lover, not even a cat “liker” … I’m a “dog” person.

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