Camera Critters #6; More Dolphins

Yesterday was spent cruising the Swan River.

The forecasted high winds did not eventuate and it was a pleasant day spent with friends.

We were honoured by some special visitors who decided to play around the boat for a while.

I know I posted some dolphins a couple of weeks ago in cloudy, dull conditions. These were in sunshine and even closer so I feel they deserved a viewing here in Camera Critters. Katney has a list of more Camera Critter Bloggers.

17 Responses

  1. Dolphins are at the top of my list of the coolest animals! I LOVE them. My boys do too. They’re so smart and fun and playful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing these great p hotos!

  2. beautiful photos!

  3. Oh you were so lucky to get such fantastic photos

  4. Simply marvellous – thanks for the pleasure of looking at them.

  5. I’ve never seen one.
    I’m so envious!
    These are lovely photos!

  6. Archi: Very nicely done, you can never post to many pictures of this great creature.

  7. Beutiful animals, and how lucky you must be to actually have seen them for real!

  8. River and this intriques me ???sandy

  9. These photos are just beautiful. I grew up on the north east coast and the only thing we had following our boats were seagulls and sharks. I would have much preferred dolphins.

  10. Really cool that you could capture the dolphins!

  11. So beautiful and an excellent critters. we get them here, but i have never been close enough. Brilliant photography.

  12. you must have been quick! :)

  13. @ everyone, Thanks for the nice comments.

    @ Sandy, the Swan River is tidal and has large lake-like areas upstream – dolphins are quite common between Fremantle and Perth (12 miles) and I have have seen them a further three miles upstream from Perth. Google Swan River and look at the maps – it is quite impressive and up to 30 ft deep, if a little slow moving :)

    @ Truce, Yep, I had to be quick but it was made easier by being able to see them on their way up.

  14. Thank you how glorious for you all !!! sandy

  15. @ Sandy, yes. That is why those of us who live in Perth keep boring people about our Swan River – it is the biggest feature, the biggest playground that we have.

  16. your shots worked really well- well done. Thanks for a great day. interesting site will have to keep exploring.

  17. Thanks, it was a perfect day. Explore away :)

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