Sky Watch Friday #3

I am still learning how to use my new Sigma 15mm F2.8 Fish-Eye lens. This rainbow gives me a good idea of the possibilities. Although perhaps it isn’t really suitable for a 470 pixel-width blog format.

The sky has turned out greyer and much more bland than I had hoped.

With winter coming on I can hope for more rainbows, better rainbows.

So, for a little bit of dramatic interest, here is another of those tropical, desert sunsets across Lake Dora.

Skywatch Friday is hosted by Tom Wigley. Drop in and have a look at some other Sky Watches.

19 Responses

  1. The rainbow looks cool. What exactly does a fish eye lens do?

    It gives an extremely wide field of vision – so wide that anything away from the horizontal centre is distorted – It also gives a chance to do some extreme close-ups.

  2. Pretty pictures, excellent. Congratulations

  3. great rainbow

  4. The rainbows are magnificent as they stretch out across the buildings… outstanding photo! The sunset casts a beautiful warm glow… very nice.

  5. Beautiful – both of them.
    No. 1 is a fantastic scene and capture!
    Great Sky Watch!

  6. These are stupendous!

  7. The curve of the rainbow against the curve of the earth makes a fantastic image. That golden sun should not be soon forgotten. Beautiful!

  8. I like both of these very much but especially the rainbow shot!

  9. Very Nice! I cannot choose a favorite.

  10. The rainbow is fantastic, and the colors in the second photo are amazing! I love them both.

  11. Interesting distortion on your rainbow photo; very nice. I’m a sucker for sunsets; this is a beautiful picture.

  12. Two stunning SWpictures… the rainbow will appeal to many as rainbows do… your second is a true beauty of natures artwork

  13. Excellent fisheye rainbow shot.

  14. splendid! fish eye lens one of my wishlist as well

  15. really like the fisheye lens archie

  16. A lake with the same name as me.
    Great sunset shot.
    This is my first time playing.

  17. Fabulous photos. I love the almost double rainbow. We get them quite often in Hawaii.

  18. Very beautiful images, excellent sky watch.

  19. Two stunning shots!

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