Photo Hunt #105; Twisted

Twisted is  a hard one. My first impulse was to photograph my sense of humour..

Then I realised my clothesline was twisted

Then I remembered something I saw during my time in the Desert with indigenous people.

We are so used to having pockets or purses or bags in our civilization, it sometimes escapes our notice that other peoples had to find solutions to the problems of carrying stuff.

In a landscape where the heat is too great to wear skins as clothing and the only natural object which can be used for carrying are wooden bowls which the women can carry on their heads, these belts, worn around the waist, are a big help to the men who have to carry the small birds and animals back to camp while keeping their hands free for further hunting.

Twisted? Yes!

They are made from twisted human hair. The colour comes from the dust of the desert.

19 Responses

  1. Wow. That’s quite amazing. Ingenious, really, since I’m sure there are few resources there in the first place to make textiles, tools, etc. out of.

  2. Gosh a clothesline. I haven’t had one for years. The photo of the hair is amazing. Good for this theme for sure.

  3. I like the clothesline. Simple en clear!
    I´m impressed – the hair-belt is just so smart!
    Great choices for the theme.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. The clothesline pic is somehow strangely beautiful…

  5. great one fot the theme… mine’s up too hope you can drop by…

  6. cool one for the theme… mine’s up too hope you can visit..

  7. simple but effective!
    good idea for this weeks theme!
    view mine if you wish here thanx.

  8. Really interesting!

  9. Great choices for this week’s theme!

  10. Excellent choices for this week. happy hunting and enjoy the weekend!

  11. Excellent clothesline photo, and fascinating information on those desert belts.

  12. I LOVE the simplicity of the first photo!!!

    I’m Twisted! Drop by if you can. Happy Hunting.

  13. Very impressive shots especially on the woven hair :)

  14. Excellent choices for this week!
    Happy Hunting.

  15. excellent entry, a cloths line, who would think of that

  16. I absolutely ADORE the clothesline photo!

  17. that’s human hair! :-O

  18. Fantastic post. The clothesline photo is very artful. The twisted hair photo is informative and culturally important. Great work.

  19. Ah that must make them nice to wear next to the skin – can absorb moisture and not chaffe like grass would Ingenius. So many of the hunter/gatherer skills are being lost. I honestly think we were healthier when living in wattle and dawb rather than the central heated Tesco life we have now :-(

    I want to move.
    I have a tent.
    And hair.
    Hope you’re having fun on your excursions downunder Archie, looking forward to more fab pics to fuel my cash-strapped dreams :-)

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