Photo Hunt #101; I Spy

Another subject with different points of view.

Firstly, one I took in the desert some time ago. The well camouflaged Rainbow Bee Eater in flight. Normally they are seen from below and beneath their wings they are a brilliant green. In early mornings and evenings they provide sudden flashes of colour as the sun catches their wings in insect-hunting flight.

This one, I spied from above.


Then, as I looked through my collection, I spotted several eyes and I began to wonder at just what they were spying.

Tikaani the Siberian Husky did not look as though she approved of what she was spying.



This pigeon was probably eyeing me off and wondering if I was dangerous.



Peregrine Falcons enjoy Pigeon Pie and this one was waiting for some lunch to fly past. She had spied me but had decided I was not a suitable dining companion.



32 Responses

  1. wow! that top photo is gorgeous!

  2. Stunning shots! :D

  3. Beautiful photos. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Wow love the Husky shot very moody! :-)

  5. Gosh.. you sounded like you are the food for something :P Great shots you have anyway. Well done :)

  6. Awesome shots all! I wish I had one (or two) Peregrine Falcons inhabiting our neighborhood, there are lotsa pigeon steaks on my roof for them.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. The husky is looking real mad over something. But the shade of its eyes is beautiful :)

  8. wow! what an awesome pics you have. perfect for the theme. i really like them. mine is up too please check.

  9. I love the bird, so beautifully camouflaged it’s almost invisible, and those eyes…..!

  10. Great series, especially the first. Is that an Australian Peregrine? Lacks the eye stripe of ours. That was not a FAQ – I’ve had to pick the wife off the floor several times as a result of your tourist requests. Mind you, I was down there too.
    Great stuff.

  11. A collection of beautiful shots. Happy weekend (=

  12. “Tikaani the Siberian Husky did not look as though she approved of what she was spying.”

    Bath time again?

  13. excellent photos I like the bird hmmmmmmmm

  14. What a great take on the theme- love the photos, especially the owl.
    spy mine here

  15. Beautiful shots.

  16. Some great photos!!!! Wow.

    Mine is shared….I have two hidden things in two photos…drop by and see if you can find ‘em, if you haven’t tried yet!! happy weekend….

  17. Your photographs are always excellent. I liked all of these and great idea to use the eyes for part of your I Spy sequence.

  18. What awesome photography!!

  19. I love all these shots.

  20. Wow – Excellent photos as always!
    I love the eyes of your Husky – so beautiful!
    I also used my cat´s eyes to spy…
    I wish you a happy weekend!

  21. I especially like that last one. It was my jr. high mascot about a million years ago.

  22. Great shot! The dog is definitely giving you a look!

    I played too :)

  23. wow those are wonderful photos. each of them. i love the eyes on all of them, especially the falcon. green eyes! i never would’ve thought.

  24. i luv the shots..that bee eater is gorgeous, what a thrill to see him in real life! great capture!


  25. These are fabulous photos Archie. Each one better than the last. The falcon is wonderful peeking out.

  26. All amazing photos. Did the falcon find his pigeon pie?

  27. this is great!

    those eyes scare me lol!

  28. WoW

    Don’tcha just lerve that hyper-intelligent Hound

    G E

  29. Wow – amazing photos! I especially like the photo of the Siberian husky :)

  30. Great pictures. I love the eye photographs, but the first bird is gorgeous!

  31. Thank you everyone for the kind comments. I have been able to visit most of you and have enjoyed your “spying”. Unfortunately, real life has intervened and I have been unable to reply to everyone individually. Hopefully next week will see normal service resume :)

  32. [...] finding and convicting whomever shot and killed a peregrine falcon this past fall. …www.sltrib.comPhoto Hunt 101 I Spy Another subject with different points of view. Firstly, one I took in the desert some time ago. The [...]

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