Piggyback Beetles

How hot are the desert sands?

As you can see here, even the beetles of the Great Sandy Desert have developed adaptations to help them through a long hot day’s travel.

I was told by some of the locals that they hitch lifts from other beetles. That way they can rest their poor blistered feet for a while.

And it is all true – Honest, I was told this by the locals!


4 Responses

  1. If they were mammals I’d have a different explanation for this photo.

    [innocently] I have no idea what you are talking about – - – :) :)

  2. so let me get this straight… if i’m wandering the desert and a nice young man wants to rest his weary, blistered feet….

    Sounds like a plan – best to do it with only one nym at a time – - -

  3. To me this is another confirmation that there is life on Mars.

    But they are sweet little Martians – wonderful faces!

  4. I think these are weevils and I think your local friends may have been pulling your leg about why one is ‘hitching a ride’… they’re definitely up to something! Check out this site for some beautiful pics of members of your weevils extended family (some of whom are also hitching a ride though not in the desert!)


    What a great site – and it seems quite a few weevils enjoy piggybacking :)

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