Some Desert Companions #2

Every part of the Community has a collection of dogs. Nameless and sometimes annoying, they do provide protection from any stray “wrigglies” which may slither too close. None of the dogs have names. They just get fed a little each night, yelled at when they get in the way and are totally loyal.
This is my pack at feeding time. Soon I will leave, but if I return in six months, they will all crowd around again. They will not have forgotten me.

5 Responses

  1. I’ll have to send you back up with bags of doggie food.

    Lots of dog food up here – I AM the shopkeeper :)

  2. What do they eat when you’re gone?

    *abstains from totally tasteless joke at great cost to reputation for tasteless cruelty*

    Imagine the worst and you will not be far wrong. Despite lots of litters of little puppies – there seems a limit on the number of dogs which live here! And there are no old dogs!

  3. Eew! reminds me of that winter favourite: when the red red robin comes bob bob bobbing along, shoot the bastard, shoot the bastard!

    Tch Tch Tch! I know you are a Tory but do you need to be quite so vindictive towards those on the left?

  4. That’s not the worst, Archie.


    That is NOT the worst! (Thinking of a number of babes I would enjoy eating).

    The worst is that they eat PUPPIES!

  5. raincoaster,
    Really, it only seems fair, doesn’t it?

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