More of the Desert

In my first video from the Great Sandy Desert, I showed all the water which can accumulate on the ground.

Of course, this water must come from somewhere and so I thought I would video some rain. In the interests of total honesty and complete disclosure.

Water on the ground was water in the sky.

Presented for your edification and edjumcalation are some moving pictures of some rain. Trust me, there is rain there.

Oh, alright, I admit it. This has to be the boringest You Tube video ever. Except for the dog running away but changing its mind.  Lucky dog! Oh, and the bird which flies across the shot.

That is my house in screen.

Thank goodness it is only 18 seconds long.

11 Responses

  1. That would be the one being struck by lightening? As I live in the UK I’m sure I can be forgiven for saying that that is not a house it’s a large shed. A house would have 2 or more storeys (sometimes 5 over here). Ones neighbours are often attatched, both sides, sometimes top and bottom. These neighbours are often a complete pain in the didgeridoo, or as we like to call it, the west end farce – all blow and noise and very little plot. Good idea for a soap opera maybe.

    However, it may be a bungalow if made of brick, otherwise it’s a luxury shed.

    I like sheds.

    Many many Americans live in sheds. They don’t like us Brits to call them that though. Can’t think why – we love sheds. However we kinda have to live in brick as that’s what people tend to build accomodation in over here. But some live in caravans, which are nice too, and some live in boats which occasionally sink.

    And the caravans and sheds often sink too if they’re in Gloucestershire.

    Ok, I need a drink too.. :-))

    Shed sounds a good description – a shed with internal walls. These ones are built to withstand cyclones, termites and to be transportable.

  2. Not too boring — I like the lightening.
    Oh — and I’m writing from my detached shed in the US.

    Thanks, Sis. P’s ideas on sheds are certainly original – although perhaps we should not quibble with one from the home of our glorious language

  3. the lightning was worth it!

    I had to check my laptop as I had left it on! It seems to be working no r m a l ~~^*h

  4. Hello Marty from across the pond – I’d give up my house to live in a detatched shed any day; my neighbours make my life hell and sadly we have stricter gun laws :-/

    Marty, meet Philipa, Philipa, meet Marty

  5. don’t I get an introduction too?

    Nursemyra, meet Philipa from England and Marty from Utah. Marty, meet Philipa from England and nursemyra from Australia, Philipa, meet Marty from Utah and nursemyra from Australia – - -

    oops – I may have started something here :)

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  7. Philipa is only jealous because all Britons live in what we would call tenements except the very rich, who live on estates and in Conrad Black’s old house.

    I am wondering if Philipa is lucky enough to have a semi-detached bathroom. What is the difference between an allotment and a tenement?

  8. A tenement is a dwelling for housing people and an allotment is a patch of garden in a field of alloted patches of garden used for housing vegetables and rats, and little sheds for men to escape to on a sunday :-)

    Raincoaster is absolutely right – Conrad Blacks old house if stuffed full of families from Bombay; they’re the only ones who can afford it on their benefits.

    I do have a semi-detached bathroom, the other half is being negotiated through the courts hopefully very soon :-) It’s a while since I’ve had a bath and have to deal with the consequential pustules and sores. Ain’t the internet great?

    Pustules and sores are vastly under-rated as a source of internet beauty.

  9. Sorry I meant to start my previous post with hello y’all *waves*

    Oh no! The archive has been infected with British politeness :)

  10. Thanks for the introduction, bruvver mine. Pleased to meetcha Phillipa. I quite like my detached shed, with the even littler detached shed in the back yard…er…garden. Now if the whole place wasn’t covered in snow it would be quite grand. Oh, and after this winter, our road is very nearly in the same shape as your road, Ærchie!

    Yikes – you need to take care of Georgette if the road is that bad, Sis.

  11. Hi Marty, we long for snow, our winter has been just wet and grey and cold, but shhhh we had a spring day today and there’s snow drops. We’ll probably have snow tommorow and they’ll call it global warming.

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