Lopsided Hooters

I know, I know, Two LOLS in a road!

But too good to miss. And I am too tired from excess desert driving to think of anything really interesting or origginal to poast!

AAAGGGHhhhhhhh I’ve bin inflected!

Even more from IChC

Where one comment was simply “Lopsided hooters.”

Another; “He ain’t heavy.”

7 Responses

  1. i lyke that wun. i is speshul two.

    We awl ar speshul. Difrunt speshul.

  2. I reckon those birds saw you driving along…..

    Apparently they are “Burrowing Owls”. Perhaps one of them tried to burrow through a big rock :)

  3. Hooooooooooters!
    Phunny pic.

    Mike – you have an evil mind! I like that in a friend :)

  4. Archie, we all know that you are great animal lover.
    More and more do we read about the slaughtering of Whales by Japanese boats.
    We have started a campaign to collect supporters and forward the collected list to our Government.
    Please support us;

    Thank you very much

    I think this Government is beginning to take action – rather hard after eleven years of total inaction!

  5. What was I just saying about Greenpeace spam? And I used to work for them (oh, the shame; they wouldn’t have stooped this low in my day!)

    Greenpeace has its place – I’m trying to remember what it is – - –

  6. Awwwwwwwwww … I just lurve them! The look of complete and utter exasperation on the one on the left is just soooo telling, and I’ll just bet the other one is saying “Betcha YOU can’t see things my way!”. LOL

    Yep, come to the archive for your weekly dose of “Awwwwwwwwww”

  7. aw… so cute…..

    Aren’t they – I’m almost ashamed of posting them – but with the title they should be worth many hits in the future – I’m getting far too cynical :)

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