Photo Hunt 76; Paper

Australian swamps, lakes and waterway, in their natural state, are lined with trees, sedges and rushes.

The trees are normally melaluecas. They just love getting their feet wet.


Noted for their antiseptic, antibacterial and cleansing oil, these trees have another, more important use.


Their bark makes a great lining for hanging baskets. You can pull great strips of it off, not harming the tree at all.


As can be seen from this final image, they are normally called “Paperbarks”.

The bark can be stripped from itself into thinner and thinner layers, just like a ream of paper.

13 Responses

  1. Very cool trees and nice photos
    Good take on the paper theme!

  2. All the photographs good, and very interesting to learn about paper bark.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful information about these trees. I might admit, its my first to see these.

    “You can pull great strips of it of, not harming the tree at all.” Wow, this is a great characteristic of the tree, very useful but no harm done.

    Have a great weekend, Archie :)

  4. Amazing shots! I really like the 3rd photo!
    Happy Weekend:D Mine is up as well;)

  5. This was awesome!! I learned a lot in this post. Fantastic pictures as well!!!

  6. What a great informative entry :-)

  7. You always have such beautiful photos and interesting entries. Great again! Have a good weekend.

  8. Very nice choices! Very interesting info you gave about the bark.

  9. Awesome shots, and educational. :)

  10. I almost used that kind of tree for my entry BUT I didn’t know anything about it except that the bark was paper thin. Thanks for the education! Great entry. Come see mine.

  11. yah right that’s the main source of making a paper..nice the barks…
    mine is up too.happy hunting!

  12. very informative piece…nice barks…happy hunting!
    mine is up as well!

  13. Fascinating post! I’d never heard of paperbarks before, so I’ve learnt something new :) Thank you.

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