It had to happen.

The LOLcats have had their souls eaten.

LOLthulhu is here. With his own blog.

Visit the rest at the now totally insane LOLthulhu

6 Responses

  1. I LOVE this blog… I saw it a couple days ago, and went through all the past day’s picts.

  2. BTW, wanna see some REALLY fun Cthulhu stuff?


  3. dorid, That was not fair – Now I have to save enough to order one of each! Grrrrrrr

    R’ayn, fhtagn

  4. This is what cute little pussy cats will look like after we have a “bit of an accident” with nuclear … whether power or weapons! Cute little pussy cats will go the way of the rest of us and The Toad may well be held responsible … I wonder what his American pal makes of Howard’s plan to sell uranium to the old enemy? Or is he a “closet” supporter of the old Soviet Union as well?

  5. Buff, Cthulhu is a soul-eater. I fear he has already eaten his fill in Canberra.

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