Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

 Pirated from the ICHC Pirate Ship.

8 Responses

  1. Must be a ‘bundy’ pussy – it’s sizing up the drop bear!

  2. Nah! It’s David Koch in drag! He’s the only other one I can recall saying “Arrrrrrrgh” in quite that tone! ;-)

  3. I love that Cheezeburger site!

  4. Fifteen holes in a dead man’s cat.

  5. You’re getting a head start on National Talk Like a Pirate Day! The most holy day in Pastafarianism.

    I always knew you were one of us, for all your embrace of the damnable I’d-Rather-You-Didn’t-Ness of the Naked Dancing Llama.

  6. Bullfrog, I thought the pussies ran screaming from the drop bear – - -

    Buff, can’t be Kochie – there is hair :)

    Rhea, I admit to an addiction too!

    Sebastian, at midnight, when I hear them “hunting” – YES!

    Metro, Do not mock the NDL. Not only is he cheaper than phycotherapy, but he also licks faces!

  7. Dear AerChie

    Is this a Picture of one of these wretched Democart-Voting Sub-Prime Borrowers in the USA whose malicious loan defaultings is threatening to cause the imminent collapse of the Northern Rock (former) Building Society [th UK’s 8th largest Bank)

    Yours ever

    G E

  8. Herr G EagLe, Not so. The pirates are those who lent to those poor aspiring Democrats who had not the means to repay. The Republican lenders always knew they would get their money, either from repossession or from Governmental largesse. The more rapacious will ensure that they manage to win both. Without a willing lender, there would be no borrower. Yet the apparent imminent collapse of Northern Rock is due to the sheep being caught in a classic “Prisoner’s Dilemma”.

    I suggest you either bow down to the FSM or allow the NDL to lick your face.

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