The Iapple Irack

This has been around for a while but it is worth watching again!

20 Responses

  1. I suppose that the Iran is endorsed by Jordan?

  2. Cybe, Oh man, would tu buy it if it was?

  3. Sure; Jordan’s a /great/ player! Kingly, in fact.

  4. So if I claim that Jordan’s king, who’s sane?
    Answer, please; I’m Syrias!

  5. Cybe, I am not a fan of Jordan’s king – ‘e gypped me!

  6. Ærchie, at least the feeling you have Is rael!

  7. Cybe, my reply was “thank you, wait till you are dead, see!”

  8. Ærchie, I can’t wait; my pack is standing in the queue to leave.

  9. Cybe, as soon as I find my purse, I am with you. Oh, then I’ll need my bag, dad!

  10. Ærchie, since you’re not mad, I gas car with my own money.

  11. OMG… if only I hadn’t seen the comment thread…


    too late…

  12. Ærchie, I also detect that you brought a mess o’ pot, a me a tee-totaler! Good thing I packed my smell checker. Anyway, I’ve got Tikrit now; the sun’s up and so is That Danged Wife.

  13. Cybe, I mmay not get mad, but astra can. Although some are kind!

    dorid, I wonder if you will respect us in the morning ;)

  14. Cybe, thanks, I haven’t had a post with so many riyadhs for quite a while.

  15. After watching the iRack video, I was Eilat-ed.
    After reading these comments, I was Petra-ified.

    (BTW, here’s me & Mrs Fitz at Petra.)

  16. Mike, it was good to gaz a’ that photo.

  17. Archie, I’m not sure I respect you now ;)

  18. dorid, alas, I fear I have Agra vated you – -

  19. hWoore

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