PhotoHunt 71: Two

A pair of White-Flashed Honey-Eaters.

Sitting on a rusty wire.


In the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia, on a warm summer day which was 55C ( 131F) in the shade.

Any shade was good.

21 Responses

  1. What a great shot!

  2. Love birds! Nice shot! :P

  3. wow that hot!!!! good photo

  4. Don’t think I have ever heard of them. How odd they are looking the opposite way – one down and one up and yet are they stand quite close to each other.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  5. Oh wow, what a fantastic picture. Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful. I’m in Oklahoma and we have these horrible scrawny birds everywhere. They run about with their beaks hanging open and looking all dirty. I’d love to see these…even in the heat

  7. I have never heard of them either, but what a cool picture!

  8. What a lovely shot. I can’t say it any better than that.

  9. 55C!!?? That is hotter than the desert! I live in Dubai and it never goes beyond 50C.

  10. what a beautiful shot!

  11. Nice shot!

  12. Omnes, thank you all for your kind comments. This little honey-eater lives right across Australia. As for the heat that day, in that particular settlement maxima of just above 60C have been recorded so while hot, this was average warmth for November.

  13. Nice picture. It just feels summer.

  14. 131 degrees?!? And I thought it was hot here in Tennessee (105) lol!

    Beautiful birds there :)

    Happy weekend!

  15. I love the picture too. I now resolve to stop complaining bout it bein 100 degrees here.

  16. I love your Two shot.

  17. Never mind that! Where’s this week’s news quiz???

  18. again, thank you everyone.

    az, I doin’t know – I have been looking out for it but it did not appear! I am about to send the Beeb an email of extreme annoyance!

  19. Pretty birds! Hot, hot day! Ouch!

  20. Great entry! Come visit mine.

  21. Mamabear and Paulie – I’ll get to see everyone in a day or two :) This is a great concept and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

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