Rainy Days and Happy Flowers

Dull, cold and wet days.

Incipient depression lurks.

Salvation in memories of sunny days

Recalling happy flowers.


Suddenly brightened soul

Happy smile erupting

Round-about spin

Leaping high, feet crossing.


Horizon blue edge to clouds

Raindrops gentle falling

Petal-needed moisture

Growing starts again.


3 Responses

  1. How lovely, Archie. I have joined in a game that is going on, and I tag you! Directions to the rules at my blog.

  2. healingmagichands, I went to your blog to have a look at the game rules and was captivated by your garden and inspired to certify my own. Thank you very much!

    Cybe -backyard now certified

  3. hmh, still thinking about this one – it isn’t easy!

    Cybe, that garden seems like a wonderful area.

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