Playing God

Golden Sky Dragon 

I played God today
and it was fun!
I made animals that men had never seen,
So they would stop and scratch their heads
instead of scowling.
I made words that men had never heard
So they would stop and stare at me
instead of running.
And I made love that laughed
So men would giggle like children
Instead of sighing.
Tomorrow, perhaps, I won’t be God
And you will know it
Because you won’t see any three-headed cats
or bushes with bells on…..
I wish I could always play God
So lonely men could laugh!

~~James Kavanaugh

Thank you, Ann, my friend. You are a true lover of wonderful words.

5 Responses

  1. This is a good one!

  2. Well done, again, A

  3. What a wonderful dragon and post. Phenomenal.

  4. Carver, thank you. The dragon was seen in the sky near evening and then, months later, a friend shared the poem with me. The two seemed to go together.

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