archie the cockroach has a say

With sincere appreciation of the genius of Don Marquis

why has he left the red ribbon on he is inconsiderate at times because red is for debtors and i owe no man so tonight i shall worry about spelling in red not in black and white

boss it always amuses me
when spelling is concerned
and arbitrary rules are applied
by pedants and control freaks
who are much the same group
who crush cockroaches underfoot
which does not amuse me at all

so please boss use that dictionary
of which i have eaten but few
of its pages and most of those
were the introduction and index
for i feel vulnerable when
the pedants come out to hunt

4 Responses

  1. (mutter, mutter) Damned cockroaches! Always picking about something! (squish) Oooops, sorry :-)

  2. not fair you are so much larger than i

    now you are even larger and i am much flatter

    you must be some pedant

  3. err… hmmm …. I think he means pedante

    …. and I never realized that Termites are really a Wood-Rcycling/Fauna-Feeding form of Cockroach ….


  4. herr ex-baronische elgae termites are not food they are feeling beings and even mehitabel will not consume them

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