Shaving Her Beaver

As a part of my anarchistic ambition to steal all of the wet one‘s readership, here is my contribution to taking the mind off the economy, gang wars and Iraq.


They are all the same thing?

Anyway, I had this stored under “Sex, Drugs, Domestic Harmony and Rock’n Roll” but I can’t for the life of me remember to which one it relates.

shaving her beaver

16 Responses

  1. I’m saving this one……….I’m on the floor, rolling around, laughing my darn socks off………..!!!!!!!!!! I have to use it, I apologize in advance…….will give you kudos and a reference…….what woman hasn’t shaved a beaver???????? LMAO


  2. ah, the gender wars are alive and well.


  3. rdg, it has that supreme touch of the ridiculous. And I relabelled it to attract all the 13yo males using their father’s PC. :) I admit it – I’m a blog-gigolo. Anything for hits.

    ggw, the gender wars I approve of. All other wars I march against.

  4. As for the cartoon, I take exception to the word ‘sometimes’

  5. Hey!!!! Us men are logical, sensible and always easy to live with. Not just “sometimes” :)

  6. Are you drunk?

  7. Oh goody – is that an option?

    May I have a Gin Squash? A double please.

  8. To go along with the trouble you have wreaked upon yourself? I’d think you would need at least one (or possibly many more) Gin Squash to numb the pain.

    And “Oh, that such innocence could be”. The lady in the cartoon obviously belongs back in the times when innocence was the right of all ladies who stayed at home and cared for their husband and family as the man’s Dawg-given right! The times they have a’chang-ed, matey!!!

  9. I wonder, if both the man and the woman have shaved their privates, does there come a point where they get pube lock, like a velcro effect from the stubble? I bet Lindsay Lohan knows.

  10. Buff, oh dear, I AM in trubble. A trubbled tribble!

    raincoaster, did I nreally deserve that vision?

  11. raincoaster

    I believe modern girls such as Lindsay wax their beavers…….then no problem with stubble lock……..

  12. So when Lindsay, Paris and Britney get together they use B’s wax?

  13. I’m kinda ashamed to admit that curiosity got me to view this post

    You and literally thousands of others :)

    Perhaps you will also enjoy “Blonde Chick with a Nice Pussy”

  14. Oh I just love all of these.

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