Olde English Novels

I am busy writing a “Limerick How-to” for the reader who wanted to learn how to write limericks.. In doing some research, I stmbled across the following.

In my favourite Limerick Newsgroup we converse in limerick form. Tiddy Ogg is, I think, a Somerset man and, when not imbibing scrumpy, writes some of the most inventive poetry (and limericks) I have read. Back in 2000 he wrote a limerick which turned into a conversation.

Tiddy Ogg (in Feb, 2000) wrote:

Tom Hardy had ass well endowed
For making farts putrid and loud.
That’s why he’d be found,
Creating that sound,
So far from the madd(en)ing crowd.

Ærchie replied: Tom Hardy had a sort of contemporary – - – -

Dick Blackmore once played the bassoon
His farting, it kept him in tune
When told that his trills
Suited meadow and hills.
He left and played on Lawn an’ Down

Ærchie – Tiddy will know what I mean

“Kitten” asked:

Well can you fill me in Tiddy please?
(And that expression is only to tease)
What does he mean?
It’s clear to be seen
This Native must Return overseas

Tiddy replied

Old Arch, ‘neath Australia’s moon,
Oft sings a peculiar tune.
Though hard to perceive
His gist, I believe
He’s talking about “Lorna Doone.”

(Sorry, never read it.)

And Ærchie commented

Oh, Tiddy, go straight to the top.
To miss reading Lorna’s no blot.
This young Exmoor maid
Don’t even get laid;
(I was the class swot, read the lot!)

2 Responses

  1. My Tiddy doesn’t talk.

  2. Awww – poor liddle tiddles

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